i've learnd

i'm tired of everyone. i'm tired of this town. i'm tired of betrey. i'm tired of liers. i'm tired of you.

The worst part is knowing that there is goodness in all people.  Then why the fuck don't you show it?
I hate that people have a image that they have to live after. Why don't you just be real and say what you want and what you need. Many people just run around playing some big person. A person who other people love and admier.

But really this person that they love and admier. Are a little little person. A little person that dosen't know enything.

i really pray that yor lonliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enoght to die for. The thing is, people can't take stuff like this. i'm tired of everyone. Everyone just go behind your back and talk even more. i'm tired of people. most people know more things about you that you know about youself. GOSH! MAN UP!

(kändes bättre att skriva på engelska. låter mer logiskt då..)



fint skrivit.

2010-01-07 @ 23:33:42

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